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Organic products are addicting. These are the kind of products I don't mind nor worry about using. I love how it benefits your skin so much and does not add harm to your skin. This is why there are a lot of organic products in the market these days because of its effectivity.
My Bareskin Specialist was founded by Rowena V. Los BaƱos in November 2014. It mainly offers organic hair and skin care products. This is one of the organic brands that I looked up to because of the good things it does in my skin. What are they? Let me start..

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Lemon Fresh Soap
150 g | P120

Processed with VSCO with se3 presetLemon fresh soap is good to those who are struggling with black heads and whiteheads and those who have acne prone skin, as this has an antiseptic effect that helps pimples heal faster and prevents further formation of blackheads and whiteheads.
I am blessed for not having an acne prone skin but I can't deny the fact that I am struggling with blackheads. Personally, I hate how I visibly see my blackheads after washing my face, what I hate more is it seems like I'm getting more of blackheads each day. When I first tried this soap I didn't see any changes but when I'm on the 4th day of using it I noticed that my blackheads stopped from reproducing, which got me shocked of course and at the same time made me happy. :) Plus, I also love how this soap makes me feel clean after bath, don't get me wrong here, but there are just soaps out there that after you took a bath it still feels like you haven't washed away the soap on your skin. I am so glad that this soap makes me feel the opposite. :)

Expiration date is 1 year after it's manufactured.


Exotic Avocado Soap
100 g | P200 / 40 g | P70

Processed with VSCO with se3 presetYes you read that right! Exotic soap. This soap also got me "Wait, what?! Exotic soap?!" Haha! I never heard of it until I got this in my mail. This was even the first soap in the box that I've tried. Haha! I was just too excited how does this work on my skin. Well, it works so much fine. :) This soap just makes my skin so soft and smooth after using it. I also love how I didn't have to put lotion after using it because my skin doesn't need it anymore, the moisture my skin needs to be hydrated was given by this Exotic Avocado Soap. Yay! ♥

Expiration date is 2 years after it's manufactured.


Apple Body Scrub
100 g| P350

Processed with VSCO with se3 presetThis scrub is just one of the perfect things to use during your rest-days. This product is just so soothing. I love how the apple-ish scent adds up to the refreshing feeling while scrubbing your body. Apple Body Scrub is just the best scrub for all the skin types from sensitive to normal. I love how it's gentle yet it exfoliates my skin to get rid of dead skin, leaving my skin so soft, smooth and cleaner. Hihi! :) Yes. I feel cleaner after scrubbing my body. Hehe. I think I finally found my favorite scrub. :)

Expiration date is 1 year after it's manufactured.


Oatmeal Lotion
120 ml | P205

img_7321This Oatmeal Lotion is the bomb! This lotion really moisturizes my skin, it helps nourish dry and itchy skin leaving it soft and smooth. This really works well for me because I spend my working hours in an airconditioned room and my skin eventually gets dry and this lotion is to the rescue to moisturize my skin, and also helps my skin to stay soft and smooth. One thing I also love the most about this lotion, is the scent. It has a vanilla-ish scent (oh I love vanilla-ish scent!!) that sticks to your skin the whole day. Yes. Whole day. The first time I tried this, I didn't have to use my perfume. Why? Because the scent of the Oatmeal Lotion works as my perfume already! :)

Expiration date is 1 year after it's manufactured.


Lip and Cheek Red Tint

Processed with VSCO with se3 presetI've been bragging about this tint to almost all of my friends. Why? 1st, it's organic. 2nd, it is cheap. 3rd, !!! IT IS FRKIN MATTE !!! Hahaha! Funny how shocked I was that the first time I tried it, I had to remove and re-apply it again to make sure that it is really matte. Hahaha! I love the smell too! Just don't taste it, I'll tell you ahead of time it's bitter. Ok? 'Coz yes I accidentally tasted it. Haha. Just a heads up tho, it takes time to get rid of it, you need patience in gently removing it on your lips. But still, I super love this tint, achieving that red lips was never been easier with this Lip and Cheek Red tint. ♥

Expiration date is 1 year after it's manufactured.

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You don't have to splurge too much money on skincare, that is why organic skin care products such as My Bareskin Specialist is here, to take good care of your skin in the most natural and budget-friendly yet effective way. ♥ Achieving beauty that's close to nature has never been this good. :)

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