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Make-up and skincare has been a part of our day to day lives. There are a lot of products claiming this and that, but I noticed one thing- Korean beauty products really got a name on the business. And after trying all these babies from Rucy’s Vanity, I'd say K-beauty products never go wrong! ☺
I wanna share with you all these make-ups and skin care that doesn't just promote beauty but also healthy skin. ☺

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Rucy’s Vanity Eyeliner
7 ml | P160

Processed with VSCO with se3 presetI super love this eyeliner because it has thin applicator which I personally like. And if you're one of those ladies who loves to put wings, this is really for you, because of its thin applicator it makes so easy to put those pretty wings. What I also love is, its deep black pigmentation that surely highlights the shape of my eyes, which I also love too. And worry no more because Rucy’s Vanity Eyeliner is water-proof and it could last the whole day without smudging. What a day to day make-up staple!! ♥


Rucy’s Vanity Mascara
7 ml | P180

Processed with VSCO with se3 presetMascara really makes my eyes so lively. What I love about Rucy’s Vanity Eyeliner Mascara is it is hypo-allergenic, usually when I apply a mascara after 5-10 minutes of applying it, my eyes get itchy so I have to take it off right away. But with Rucy’s Vanity Eyeliner Mascara I can wear it just so well. I don't have to get so conscious about it also because, it is sweat-resistant so yes! Working out with Rucy’s Vanity Mascara is not a problem. ☺ It's time to flaunt those gorgeous eye lashes, ladies for Rucy’s Vanity Mascara naturally coats each lash making it appear longer and volumized. ☺


Rucy’s Vanity Lip & Cheek Red
8 ml | P80

Processed with VSCO with se3 presetDon't you love 2-in-1 products? Because I do!!! ☺ This Rucy’s Vanity Lip & Cheek Red Tint is so handy for those ladies who are on the go and most especially to those ladies like me who are always on a rush and wants to look good. I love how I just simply bring out this baby from my bag/clutch in the loo and simply dab onto my lips or cheeks and blend using clean fingertips. It gives me a natural effect and is dermatologically tested so I don't feel any negative reactions from my skin and lips. Rucy’s Vanity Lip & Cheek Red doesn't just make you look more beautiful, it also makes you look younger as it also contains anti-ageing properties such as Green Tea extracts & Collagen. Pout those red lips now, and look fresh with Rucy’s Vanity Lip & Cheek Red. ☺


Rucy’s Vanity Two Way Cake SPF 35 PA ++
12g | P250

Processed with VSCO with se3 presetThis is (almost) everyone's best friend. Guess what?– Foundation! Girls really hate feeling haggard, they hate it when they looked like so stress. That's why their foundation is their ultimate best friend of all the make-ups. I rarely use foundation/powder but I think starting now I'm going to use it often because of Rucy’s Vanity Two Way Cake SPF 35 PA ++. When I started using Rucy’s Vanity Two Way Cake, I am a bit doubtful and scared, I am scared it might get too cakey on my face, which I really really hate. I am scared I'll have break outs or itchiness because c'mon my face is not used to this kind of cosmetics BUT to my surprise Rucy’s Vanity Two Way Cake SPF 35 PA ++ is true to its promises. I love how it has enough SPF (35) to protect your face from the harmful UVB rays. It is non-cakey and non-clogging. And it stays matte all-day I love how it has a matte effect to my face without drying it. Because the last time I had matte foundation during an event my face got dried up and itchy. But with Rucy’s Vanity Two Way Cake I didn't feel any itchiness nor dryness. One last promise of the product is "Whitening" I have only used this for 3 days so I still cannot tell, but I promise to update you with it. Stay fresh and blooming with Rucy’s Vanity Two Way Cake SPF 35 PA ++ it just doesn't make you prettier but it also protect you from any harmful damage the environment can cause you.

Plus points:
- The puff is separated from the foundation itself
- It has 2 shades: #21 Natural Beige and #23 Dark Beige. I used #21 Natural Beige


Rucy’s Vanity Foam Cleansing Green Tea
100g | P130

Processed with VSCO with se3 presetIt is so important to have a good facial cleanser at night, knowing all the dirt you had all that day, you must have a good facial cleanser that deeply cleanses without damaging your face. With that said, Rucy’s Vanity Foam Cleansing Green Tea is the bomb! I love the scent, the after effects that it gives to my skin. I love that it has collagen and green tea extracts that effectively remove harmful bacteria in your skin occurred by makeup and environmental pollution. I started using this the night I got Rucy's Vanity products in the mail, from then on, Rucy’s Vanity Foam Cleansing Green Tea is my ultimate night cleanser and one of my skincare regimens. It really deeply cleanses and removes excess oil and sebum leaving my face so soft, smooth and fresh. Plus, I really love how white my face is after washing it with Rucy’s Vanity Foam Cleansing Green Tea. Believe me, this facial cleanser is a gem! ♥ You don't just sleep well, you sleep pretty too! ☺

Also available in Pomegranate, Green Tea and Aloe.

♡ ♡ ♡

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 img_7172Rucy's Vanity indeed got my heart. I love their products, because it really works wonder on your skin plus ladies, it is so budget-friendly!! ☺ Indeed, beauty is not expensive, it is precious. ☺

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