Isn't amazing how scent can bring back memories, is it? When scent works its magic, I can't help but allow my self to give in to the memories that are attched to it. I love how scent makes you remember a certain situation, a person or even a certain memory that you even burried down the ground.

I still remember smelling (in a secret way of course. lol) that lady in the mall in front of me when we're on a line on the cashier area. She smelled so good. I love her scent- it is vanilla-ish. I. Really. Love. The. Scent. Of. Vanilla. ♥ Before, I really don't know what kind of scent I'd be sticking to for good, but after encountering that lady in the mall, I knew right away that the vanilla-ish scent would be my signature and favorite scent. We all have a signature scent, and we all have reasons why we love it. On my part, what I like and love about the vanilla scent is, it's not too sweet and not too girly and I really find it so calming.
Special thanks to Bare Essentials for these vanilla babies. Coz now, I am not the only one who smells like a vanilla but also my room. MY ROOM IS FRIKIN VANILLA-SCENTED because of the Warm Vanilla Reed Diffuser from Bare Essentials!!!! ☺ And, my comfort room too. Haha. During my rest days I take so much time taking a bath, because I do more skin care than the usual and I also consider it as my me-time. With my playlist on its full blast and this Warm Sugar Vanilla Natural Soy Candle from the same brand lit-up, my me-time is more enjoyable as this vanilla-scented candle is really calming and it really sets me to a good mood and it is one of my stress relievers.

There's nothing more pacifying than going home to a place that smells like your favorite scent. ♡

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