Stay Anchored

Every single day we face a lot of problems and struggles in life, we also have different ways to deal with them, but sometimes we tend to drown ourselves to those problems forgetting that dwelling on those wont help and wont do anything good at all. The world wont stop if you stop. So make sure to keep up. BUT there will be always a time when life hits you pretty hard and most of the time we didn't even see it coming. Those happenings in our lives where we don't know what to do. Those moments where you just stare blankly at nowhere and thinking what the hell on earth have you done to be on that bad position. But hey, tap your back. Credit your self for not giving up when you all have the reason to.

Many thanks to Atlas Style for this bracelet. Sometimes a jewelry is not just a jewelry- it's more than that. Like this bracelet from Atlas Style. This is more than just a bracelet, this is more of a reminder that despite all the cruelty in this world, you have to stay anchored.

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