Summer Kick Off

Summer is here!!! And before anyone else does let me tell you about this post, this is officially my summer starter for the year 2017!! 🖤 Last Saturday the gang decided to have a dip in a nearby pool— Cebu Westown Lagoon. If you're from Cebu you prolly been there like a year or 2 years ago. Hehe. But since procrastination at its finest, I've never been there until last Saturday. It's the nearest pool in the area and the largest as far as I know. I wasn't able to take pictures of how beautiful it's as we arrive around 5:45pm already because we have to wait for our other friends who's doing some errands, and by that time we arrived, the sun is slowly crawling out already. But I promise you I'll be back and take some good snaps of it. :)
Summer— (almost) everyone's waiting for you. It's the time of the year when you wake up wishing that when you open the curtains of your window all you can see are the shore, waves, the sparkling sea water and how the sun compliments so well with the water and all you can hear are the waves crashing to the shore and the swaying palm trees. ♡ I am indeed so excited to go home to my hometown and visit one of the stunning beaches there which is just a 15-minute drive. ♡♡♡ (If you thought I am exaggerating the heart symbol there then go and search beaches in Bohol Philippines and you'll understand why I had to put three hearts there. Hahaha. :))
I am so so excited on my summer getaways. I love swimming pools and most especially beaches SO MUCH. 🖤
And by the way, this filter makes me look so so so so tan. Hehe. 


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