I don't feel like wearing some corporate attire today. I just feel like being me today. Hahaha. Really that's one thing, the other thing is I woke up late this afternoon (by the way my shift starts at 3pm to 12mn) and I have no time to decide what corporate attire to wear so I pulled out one of my dresses and headed to work. Yes, that's one tip- if you are running late just wear a dress. ☺
img_7078-2img_7080-2I love loose clothes, tees and dress, they are so comfortable to wear. You just do not have to worry if other people notice your belly because you are wearing some fitted shirt or dress. Hahaha! Lol. And, let's admit it loose tops and dresses are the trend nowadays. Plus, don't you love how those loose tops make you look so laid-back yet still in style, do you? ☺
img_7079-1I am more of a minimalistic person, I only wear (most of the time) neutral colors of loose tees or t-shirt dress. That's why you usually see me on my basic clothing. That's why wearing corporate attire is a bit hard for me I have to make sure that I don't over-dressed nor under-dressed myself. But today I know I'm a bit off the corporate attire. Haha! ☺



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