Koa Tree House

I had no plans of going out yesterday because I was sick. My third molar tooth is impacted that caused me headaches and swollen gums, which makes it hard for me to swallow anything even my saliva and talk. I will have a minor surgery to take off my third molar tooth week after next week so I have to endure this for the mean time. Antibiotics and pain relievers are just the things that's making it less painful. But this post is not all about my wisdom tooth hahaha.My boyfriend planned to go out for a dinner yesterday, he was thinking to eat burgers and I was thinking to eat something Filipino-ish. So since I was a bit better (well thanks to pain relievers) I agreed to have a dine out and he was also okay to eat something filipino-ish yesterday but I dont know where to eat. So he thought of somewhere we havent eaten yet before. And he said we can go to the "new" Koa. Koa Tree House for me is an "inuman-sesh/chilling" kind of place. It's one of the places Cebuanos and even foreigners go to for a good drink with good music and chill ambiance. But little did I know Koa moved place. And I just knew it while I was talking to ze boyfriend. Hahaha! What excites me more was when he said that the new Koa Tree House offers buffet lunch & dinner for P180 ONLY!!!! Yes you read that right P180 ONLY!!!Their menu yesterday. :) Plus P45 for a bottomless iced tea. Not bad :)They also have a live band. This is one of the things Koa Tree House is known for, their live band that makes the vibes more chill and relaxing.3730bbb7-6b47-48ec-b835-3b936cc85c60-19a202e44-8b9b-4788-ae4e-38ba79bace3d-23d253372-bd2d-4cb1-827a-43f40dc087e2-2259b491b-d084-4b4c-b0a2-2cb3ea8a7a1e-11098ab87-0206-471f-b6e0-d9b108e1eb24-10ae91fab-e2a0-43e3-947f-1e01594784c5-1Truth be told the foods were great! And their sisig is beyond delicious! This is the most delicious sisig I've ever tasted! If you've been to Koa Tree House before I know you can attest to this. :)34002cb3-8493-4ad0-9f7d-326a5dcebb08-111d359ea-b3ce-4e26-afea-45a0b330714b-2This is the place you want your circles to go to on a Friday or Saturday chill night for dinner or/and inuman session. :) Everyone is so approachable and friendly, including the person behind the Koa Tree House— Francis Christian Po. :)7589bb9e-66c1-4c8a-9430-c733f0209f40If you haven't visited the new Koa Tree House yet, I'm afraid you might be missing a good treat for yourself and friends. Feel free to come over at Rivergate Complex Maxilom Avenue. And like their Facebook page here and Instagram here.img_8405img_8404Koa tree house eat all you can buffet is open daily from Mondays to Saturdays. Lunch buffet starts at 11:30 am and ends at 2 pm. Dinner buffet starts at 6:30 pm to 9 pm.


Koa Tree House— Good vibes. Good food. Good music. See you there!



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