Beauty & Style ft. KKOT Essence Lip Tint Balm

I am the kind of woman who don't put lipstick everyday but do use lip balm. It's one of the things you'll deffo see in my bag. I love how you can just throw it in your pocket anytime and use it to moisturize your lips. Living in a tropical country, lip balm for me is a must.
Just when I thought Lip balms couldn't be cuter and prettier, KKOT Essence Lip Tint Balm essence was sent to me. KKOT means . KKOT (probounced as / kot /) means flower, blossom or bloom in Korean. Hence, the dried flower inside the lip balm. I was so intrigued when I see this, I mean lip balm in a transparent form?? You got to be kidding me, man! But no. It's real and it frkn works so well! I love how it gives my lips that moisture and tint. It blends on my lips perfectly, looking so natural. For now they only have one shade that surely compliments the color of your lips.
Many thanks to BeautyNStyleSeoul for sending this beaut. You now go ahead and visit them on Instagram and Facebook
They said you can't do 2 masters at a time but I beg to disagree as KKOT Lip balm does two things— beauty and style.


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