Fighting The Hiatus

Nope I did not abandon this blog I was just in hiatus these days because of work and personal stuff. Plus just when stupidity hits you- I left my camera charger in Bohol and will be back this Saturday so yes that adds to the reason why I haven't been active on this blog lately. But here I am, "somehow" back and fighting the hiatus.
A little life update though, I will finally have my tooth extraction on May 9, Tuesday. I am a bit scared because guys! They're going to slice your gums in order for them to pull out that stubborn impacted third molar tooth. How I wish I did not watch YT videos on how they're going to do it. It's true, what you don't know wont hurt you. But anyway, I am still pushing through it because I don't want my gums to be swollen ever again because it's the worst pain ever!!
These photos don't have to do with my life update or smt, I just found these while scanning through my photos. One really good thing about scanning through your camera roll is you find some photos you thought never existed and some photos that you should be blogging weeks ago but forgot to. So there they are. :)

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