Out Of Town Skincare ft. Katha Naturals

It's summer and people are fleeting from one place to another. Indeed, summer is the time of getting away and be stress free. But traveling doesn't stop me from my skincare, I think this is the time your skin needs more care as it is more exposed to sun and to the negative things your skin might have.
My skincare is the simplest skincare you'll ever know. All I only have is soap and facial wash, toner and moisturizer (only at daytime) I exfoliate my skin twice a week too. But no matter how simple my skincare is I still want to bring little skincare regimens with me as I always want to travel light. Katha Naturals saved me from having extra baggage and not exceeding my cosmetic liquid limit (haha I'm lacking of better terms lol) on the plane.
Katha Naturals sent me this Rose Mist— a 4-in-1 soothing facial mist that can be used as a toner, moisturizer, makeup primer, and after-sun spray. Made from real rose petals that help balance the pH levels of your skin and relieve blocked pores. With witch Hazel extract, aloe vera extract, lavender eo and Vit. E that helps your skin moisturizes and smooth.

Now I don't have to bring 3 bottles for my toner, moisturizer and after-sun spray as Katha Naturals got me covered. I love how this mist can do such multitasking especially on its after-sun spray feature because it's dang refreshing on your skin! And, it smells so good!!While you're busy taking good care of your skin make sure you're not taking your lips for granted as it needs care too! More than just making sure it is moisturized you also need to make sure that you have a healthy lips by removing dead skin. Katha Naturals also sent me this lip scrub in a Matcha Vanilla flavor. I love how it does two things in one application— it exfoliates and it moisturizes, leaving your lips soft and supple. It also comes in Mint Chocolate and Cinnamon Vanilla variants.
Are you also one of those people who love to travel light without compromising any of your skincare routine, Katha Naturals is the answer! Go and visit them on Instagram and Facebook. ☺


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