Tryna Kill The Vacay Vibe

Finally back in Cebu and I'm feeling 50 percent happy and 50 percent sad. I'm happy because I get to open packages hahaha kidding guys (half true tho)! Happy because I get to see the boyfran. And sad because, I miss home— my mum, pops, bro, cuzzos and my baby muffy, no chill life, no home cooked foods, and no air-con anymore. :| But I must be back to reality real quick because if not what am I gonna feed myself and how am I gonna go to beautiful places? Hahaha. This poor lady has no choice but to work her ass off her laziness and be back to reality coz she aint living in a fairytale and pool of bux. Ha ha! I need to kill vacation mode the quickest or else ~sigh~. But will be on a short vacay on the 27th again soooo I think this hangover can hang on till then. For now I should have my mind focus at work since I was out for a week! I am positive I missed a lot at work. So gonna park right here then coz this lady sure has a lot of catching ups to do.
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