If there's one brand that made me love lip and cheek tint it's Gelantints by Organics.byh! You just couldn't go wrong with Gelatints, they are of good quality, consistency and smell (also taste haha yes! I accidentally tasted them). A little Gelatint rubbed on your cheeks and lips goes a really long way unlike other tints. And a plus is they have a lot of color variations so you can really choose what shade suits you.Left to Right: Firedrop, Candy, Paris
In my case, I personally love using the shade Candy for my cheeks for my everyday fresh look, shade Firedrop for my lips 'coz it really blends well on my lips that it looks like I did not put any lip tint at all, and most esp shade Paris for my tanned cheeks last summer. I love how this shade really blended well on my tanned cheeks that it looked so natural. Again girls, a little rub of Gelantint goes a long way. So if you don't like to look like a clown or something make sure to apply a little.
A discovery tho, I think this Gelatints by organics.byh are waterproof. Because every time I use it and need to remove it, I have to wash my face with facial wash/soap to do it because pure water can't do the work. That's a plus to everyone 'coz you don't have to worry when rain streams down your face especially that wet season has finally set in because you got your cheeks a waterproof Gelatint. 😉
Many thank to ORGANICS.BYH for these gorgeous Gelatints. Visit them on Instagram and Facebook. ♡


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