Scent Me Back

You always love yourself for smelling good, I mean who doesn’t? We all have this favorite scent or signature scent that we always look for in a perfume store. I love vanilla scented perfumes. Scent is something personal, it is something attached to you. More often than not, scent makes someone think about someone. I love when my friends remember me if they smell something vanilla-ish. I love remembering people through their scent, I sometimes get nostalgic when I smell something that travels me back to the past, indeed scent is the cheapest way to travel back. I guess after all, scent is a very random way of remembering something or someone wayback and sometimes scent makes us miss a thing behind one’s present life.

S/o to INFLUENCIABYDONITACLAIRE for this long lasting vanilla-scented and baby-ish scented perfumes. Go and visit them HERE.

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