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It's really different when you move to a larger city. Some things you want to do are much harder to do now than when you were still in your native place, well for me it's not my native place but it is where I spent most of my teen life— in Bohol. There are just a lot of things I really miss

and one of those things is the simple life. Not that I'm having a lavish life now but my life back then was much simpler and I honestly prefer it. As a teenager way back, my weekdays are not spent in the mall doing shopping nor in my friend's place neither in a club having a good time with my friends, well I sometimes wish I did but now that I have moved out, I realized nothing beats spending your free time with your family. Not to mention my favorite is spending it in the beach or anywhere that has vitamin sea hahaha. Well, just last month we went to this place near our house to get some sea urchins and of course eat it. It's been 2 frikin years since I have done this with my family because it's been 2 years since I moved out. And guys, it is such a very nice feeling that I was able to do the "simple" things (people thought were) again!

Looking at these photos you might say "these are nothing" or "nanwake ra gani" or "this is so shallow" but this may be the simplest or shallowest thing you've ever seen but I tell you, this is one of the most precious things I'd definitely love doing again and again with my family. This is one of the "simple" things I couldn't do in Cebu. Indeed, they are always the highlight of my being— the simple things.


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