Kissing BV Away

We all have that moment in our lives when we feel ugly, dull, boring and the list goes on. Coz guys, it's true ladies really have that point in their lives when no matter how much you tell them that they are perfectly fine and pretty, for them they're just the worst and the ugliest. Hahaha. So allow us to let ourselves feel a little better. We have different ways to channel out this feeling, some ladies go shopping, some of us just go to sleep or to the parlor and have a pamper time or some are food trippin and some just love hoarding make-ups and lippies! Girls (or some girls), you just cannot deny! *wink*Well, if you fall to the latter one who loves hoarding make-ups and lippies, I've got news for you. Allure Cosmetics Ph (they also have in SG) offers high quality beauty line products at a very budget-friendly price. ❤︎Matte liquid in Aster shade.
I really love this shade, and yes it's matte- kiss proof and water proof! 😊Satin lipstick in Tulip shade.
This is the creamiest lipstick evuurrrr!!! Aaand, this shade Tulip is every girl's go-to-no-make-up peg! ❤︎ Go and treat yourself with these. And tell me how's it. You can check them here and/or visit them on Instagram.


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