Skin Care For My Chaotic Life

Okay I think chaotic is too much but I’m running out of correct terms hehe. Anyway, we all know that everyone's different and unlike other women I am not the kind of person who takes too much time preparing before heading to work. I usually wake up two hours before my shift starts just enough to check my social medias, e-mail, take a bath, get dressed and do my skin care routine. Yes. Given that tight time, I still have time for skin care (well everyone should give time for their skin care routine). Hahaha. Good thing I don’t have much on my skin care routine because I feel that I don't have the right to spend much time doing it hahaha knowing that I wake up late plus the traffic, I need to be at work 5-10 minutes before my shift starts enough to punch in on my e-time card.
I use Celeteque Hydration for my toner- this cleanses my face without dehydrating it. Skin White Light for my lotion, light- non-greasy has a cooling effect plus it comes with an SPF 20. Carmex my lip balm, taking good care of my lips is so much better with this lip balm coz it has SPF 15 and lastly my face moisturizer. I love how this Face and Body Whitening Cream from GlamRepublicPh does three amazing jobs to protect your skin- 1. It whitens/lightens your skin 2. It moisturizes 3. It protects your skin from harmful UV rays coz it has spf40 (!!!!). I just love products with spf. Hehe. This face and body cream is made of organic ingredients and that is such a plus for me. Also, this is a lightweight cream and it smells like bubble gum!!! Ahhh! Hehe!

Went out yesterday and used face and body whitening cream with SPF40 from GlamRepublicPh, my go-to cream from head to toe. I got ready the quickest! Are you also usually in a rush like me? Or are you into organic skin care? I think this cream would be such a treat for your self. Visit them on Facebook and Instagram.

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