In A Jiff

Last Monday was a holiday for us this means  we got a long weekend- longer time to procrastinate, sleep, drown yourself with social medias, books and whatnots. I normally have my to-dos listed for my weekend, but last weekend I didn’t. Even though I’ve got loads of things to do, I just opt to not dedicate my long weekend with backlogs and work. I just wanted to have a break from all those writings and updating on my blog and part-time job. I simply just wanted to take my pace slowly and procrastinate a bit. Hehe!
It’s funny how someone enjoys not doing anything, and when people say “not doing anything” what they actually meant is not doing anything productive. Having that said, I spent my Saturday simply lying on my bed reading, checking my social medias and chatting or in short not doing anything hehe and yes I enjoyed it. It feels good to simply drop those to-dos even for a day and just do whatever you want or simply do nothing. ;)
But Sunday was a bit productive for me. I went out, had some seafood buffet for dinner with the boyfriend and took some photos for the blog. I always love having some new photos for the blog, it adds in my motivation to start writing and work on my backlogs. Wuhooo!  Monday came, and it was the most productive of all coz I fixed my closet! Hahaha! Congrats, self congrats! I love clothes but I’m not fond of fixing them haha but last Monday I felt a bit responsible for buying too much clothes online. HA! I know this is what I get, more clothes more things to fix. After a couple of hours of fixing I’m back at doing nothing again hahaha. At least I did something productive or did I. Hahaha. Long weekend’s done in a snap! Where the hell did those days even go?!!! All I just did most of the time was enjoy procrastinating, reading, eating, sleeping and checking my social media. Time flies in a jiff when… okay okay you know what’s next haha no need for me to continue.
Now here I am living my Wednesday life and looking forward for the next long weekend. Haha!
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To All Who Belittled Her

You might have insulted her on ways you don’t know but still she wants to acknowledge what you did now- in a positive way. Let me cut that out first by starting again; She hated you— She hated you for underestimating her. And comparing her to someone as if she didn’t know what you meant and what you’re comparing them with. You’ve just insulted her there but, you thinking that she didn’t know what you were up to, insulted her more. I know she's always humble enough to acknowledge the things she's not good at but that doesn’t mean you can underestimate her or anyone on your own petty and stupid ways. You don’t have to believe that she could do great things but you don't have to insult her (or someone) just because she couldn’t either.
With all those unhealthy comparisons, tactless words, petty and biased judgements, she kept it all because she didn't want to make nonsense conversation with someone who kept on insulting and belittling people just to feed their ego. And personally, at the back of her mind with all the hatreds she felt towards those people, she was laughing— laughing at how they gave time in pin pointing the negative in her without even giving time to recheck what the fuck is wrong with theirs. Ha! Some do love bulshit-ing people with their tactless mouth, don’t they.


But despite all of these, thank you. Thank you because she has become stronger. When people doubted her she still remains positive, she never doubted herself and that's  very important. Because in this world, once you become an enemy with your own you, you lose your guard, you lose you. But her? No. She turnt your insults into stepping block towards her goals and she turnt your unhealthy judgements into a driving force to be a better, happy and contented person. Lastly, you made her realize that there are just people who have too much garbage in their hearts and couldnt help but whine and be bitter over someone's flaws while hiding theirs. She might not good at smt you are good at but at least she doesn't have so much junk in her heart. Or does she. Hahaha! Jk 😉

P.s: So if anyone thinks she's referring to you in this post, all she can say is— "I don't know" or "Maybe". 😅 Because she already forgot who they were tbh, but still remembers the feels tho. 😅😅

If you're still reading up to this line, PLEASE PLEASE comment below. ❤︎ And, thank you in advance. Sml!!! ❤︎ 

And oh! Be kind, it's free. 😊

Me ❤︎ 



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Carry It With Style

Bags are now one of the things we cannot not bring when going out, we even built some attachment to our bags. It is the safe place of our gadgets, make up, notebook, mobile phones (etc..) when we are away from home. Indeed, bags accompany us anywhere anytime while doing the job of a portable package counter as it carries the things that we need. A lot of stylish bags are out on the market and inventions nowadays are getting more artsy as we can now beautify our bags by the use of twillies- the popular bag accessory these days. There are a lot of ways to use a twilly in a bag but I have one fave the wrap it around the handleaside from this gives more style to the handle of our bags, I also love how it gives the handle of our bags some protection. Coz if you notice the handle of our bags are often the first thing to get damaged because they are most of the time have some physical contact with their owners.

I also make sure that my bags always have moisture absorber or dehumidifier as this absorbs unwanted moisture from the air, preventing mold, rust and corrosion, this also eliminates odor problems. If you don’t have one you should def get some as this helps you take good care of your bags.
I got my bag dehumidifier and cute twilly from OhMyBagPhils. Go and visit them here and/or on Instagram.


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SML For Comfy Pieces

When in doubt, wear black. AND. Wear comfy pieces. SOME people nowadays wear what are trending instead of wearing something they’re comfortable with. Just because the trends in fashion are “nice” and they feel sort of “in”. Not that I’m saying that it doesn’t look good on them or whatnots, I mean it is completely fine but I just hope people wont forget how important it is to be comfortable on whatever they’ll be wearing as these pieces will be with them the whole day.

I, too get attracted with those cute trends nowadays. Especially those pastel-ish clothes I even bought some because again it is cuuuutee! ♥♥ It is just so good in the eyes and very good on pictures too hahaha but if you’ve read my posts before, you know that my comfy pieces will always be neutral colors of loose tshirt, pullover, sweatshirt, leggings or anything light except for pants for the bottom. Despite all the cute and cool fashion trends nowadays I still go back to these pieces because there’s nothing more cozy than spending the day with your comfy pieces. 

S/o to Shop At Haru for this very comfy and budget-friendly harem trouser. I can wear them in the office or just casual. Yay! Visit them on Instagram. ♥ What are your comfy pieces?



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Sun Life Tri-Team | Ironman 70.3

Everyone raced their hearts out as Ironman 70.3 together with Sun Life Financial Philippines, the leading international financial services organization providing a diverse range of insurance wealth and asset management to individuals and corporate clients took place today August 6 in Cebu. Sun Life Tri-Team led by their very own brand ambassador will be fielding a total of five relay teams and one individual racer since it started last 2013.


First Team:
Swim: Actor Enchong Dee
Bike: Sun Life's Ambassador and Actor Piolo Pascual
Run: Toniel Ty

Second team:
Swim: Sun Life Board Director Paco Sandejad
Bike: Sun Life advisors Eboy de Leon and
Run: Mike Miras

Third Team:
Swim: Former olympian and TV host Christiane Jacob Dandejas
Bike: Sun Life's all-female team together with Laarni de Guzman
Run: Sun Life health and wellness marketing manager Jaymie Pizarro

Fourth Team:
Swim: Former National Team Michael Chiu
Bike: Sun Life's Karl Villalonga
Run: Alfred Diacosa

Fifth Team:
Swim: Sun Life Advisors KB Espinosa
Bike: Rocio Pantaleon
Run: Toots Malapad


The medal that'll be awarded to racers was designed by multi-awarded industrial designer Kenneth Cobonpue, a Sun Life brand ambassador.


They don't just run, swim and bike because all these racers put their hearts on every step, every paddle and every lapse they make.

P.s I will be updating this post for the winners.

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Althea's Petal Velvet Powder

It is time to say goodbye to the oiliness on your face as Althea finally launched its first ever Petal Velvet Powder. Althea finally came up to have a simple yet perfect powder that will surely treat your skin with Althea Flower Petals for a softer and smoother complexion.

Althea Petal Velvet Powder is a loose powder made of pure and natural ingredients that will give a silky finish. One of its main ingredients is flower seed extract, which is known for its antioxidant that protects the skin from dehydration and helps skin for a more beautiful complexion. It is made with micro-fine particles that help minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines for a flawless or what the say “petal-like” complexion.
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M Y   E X P E R I E N C E
- My skin suffers from dehydration so this powder helps my skin to keep hydrated because it is made of flower seed extract which is known to keep skin from being dehydrated.
- I have an oily T-zone and this powder helps control the oiliness of my face most especially on the T-zone area.
- 1-2 dabs of this powder helps me achieve that oil-free look and that satin look. I love how it gives me a natural look unlike other powders out there.
- It’s lightweight. I hate heavy make-up/powder.
- It absorbs fast.
- I love how it smells ♥ It smells like a petal. Yay!
- It’s gentle
- It’s compact. If you hate bringing bags, this powder is for you as it just fits in your pocket. 
- Will re purchase? Yes. Though it is a bit pricey considering the size. Still, I think it is worth every penny.

P R I C E   L I S T
Althea Malaysia - RM16
Althea Singapore - SGD6
Althea Philippines- PHP210
Althea Indonesia- Rp 60,000
Althea Thailand - THB150
Althea US- 4.5 USD

Treat your skin gently like flower’s petals.
For orders/inquiries visit and follow them on Instagram.

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