Carry It With Style

Bags are now one of the things we cannot not bring when going out, we even built some attachment to our bags. It is the safe place of our gadgets, make up, notebook, mobile phones (etc..) when we are away from home. Indeed, bags accompany us anywhere anytime while doing the job of a portable package counter as it carries the things that we need. A lot of stylish bags are out on the market and inventions nowadays are getting more artsy as we can now beautify our bags by the use of twillies- the popular bag accessory these days. There are a lot of ways to use a twilly in a bag but I have one fave the wrap it around the handleaside from this gives more style to the handle of our bags, I also love how it gives the handle of our bags some protection. Coz if you notice the handle of our bags are often the first thing to get damaged because they are most of the time have some physical contact with their owners.

I also make sure that my bags always have moisture absorber or dehumidifier as this absorbs unwanted moisture from the air, preventing mold, rust and corrosion, this also eliminates odor problems. If you don’t have one you should def get some as this helps you take good care of your bags.
I got my bag dehumidifier and cute twilly from OhMyBagPhils. Go and visit them here and/or on Instagram.


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