In A Jiff

Last Monday was a holiday for us this means  we got a long weekend- longer time to procrastinate, sleep, drown yourself with social medias, books and whatnots. I normally have my to-dos listed for my weekend, but last weekend I didn’t. Even though I’ve got loads of things to do, I just opt to not dedicate my long weekend with backlogs and work. I just wanted to have a break from all those writings and updating on my blog and part-time job. I simply just wanted to take my pace slowly and procrastinate a bit. Hehe!
It’s funny how someone enjoys not doing anything, and when people say “not doing anything” what they actually meant is not doing anything productive. Having that said, I spent my Saturday simply lying on my bed reading, checking my social medias and chatting or in short not doing anything hehe and yes I enjoyed it. It feels good to simply drop those to-dos even for a day and just do whatever you want or simply do nothing. ;)
But Sunday was a bit productive for me. I went out, had some seafood buffet for dinner with the boyfriend and took some photos for the blog. I always love having some new photos for the blog, it adds in my motivation to start writing and work on my backlogs. Wuhooo!  Monday came, and it was the most productive of all coz I fixed my closet! Hahaha! Congrats, self congrats! I love clothes but I’m not fond of fixing them haha but last Monday I felt a bit responsible for buying too much clothes online. HA! I know this is what I get, more clothes more things to fix. After a couple of hours of fixing I’m back at doing nothing again hahaha. At least I did something productive or did I. Hahaha. Long weekend’s done in a snap! Where the hell did those days even go?!!! All I just did most of the time was enjoy procrastinating, reading, eating, sleeping and checking my social media. Time flies in a jiff when… okay okay you know what’s next haha no need for me to continue.
Now here I am living my Wednesday life and looking forward for the next long weekend. Haha!
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