SML For Comfy Pieces

When in doubt, wear black. AND. Wear comfy pieces. SOME people nowadays wear what are trending instead of wearing something they’re comfortable with. Just because the trends in fashion are “nice” and they feel sort of “in”. Not that I’m saying that it doesn’t look good on them or whatnots, I mean it is completely fine but I just hope people wont forget how important it is to be comfortable on whatever they’ll be wearing as these pieces will be with them the whole day.

I, too get attracted with those cute trends nowadays. Especially those pastel-ish clothes I even bought some because again it is cuuuutee! ♥♥ It is just so good in the eyes and very good on pictures too hahaha but if you’ve read my posts before, you know that my comfy pieces will always be neutral colors of loose tshirt, pullover, sweatshirt, leggings or anything light except for pants for the bottom. Despite all the cute and cool fashion trends nowadays I still go back to these pieces because there’s nothing more cozy than spending the day with your comfy pieces. 

S/o to Shop At Haru for this very comfy and budget-friendly harem trouser. I can wear them in the office or just casual. Yay! Visit them on Instagram. ♥ What are your comfy pieces?



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