To All Who Belittled Her

You might have insulted her on ways you don’t know but still she wants to acknowledge what you did now- in a positive way. Let me cut that out first by starting again; She hated you— She hated you for underestimating her. And comparing her to someone as if she didn’t know what you meant and what you’re comparing them with. You’ve just insulted her there but, you thinking that she didn’t know what you were up to, insulted her more. I know she's always humble enough to acknowledge the things she's not good at but that doesn’t mean you can underestimate her or anyone on your own petty and stupid ways. You don’t have to believe that she could do great things but you don't have to insult her (or someone) just because she couldn’t either.
With all those unhealthy comparisons, tactless words, petty and biased judgements, she kept it all because she didn't want to make nonsense conversation with someone who kept on insulting and belittling people just to feed their ego. And personally, at the back of her mind with all the hatreds she felt towards those people, she was laughing— laughing at how they gave time in pin pointing the negative in her without even giving time to recheck what the fuck is wrong with theirs. Ha! Some do love bulshit-ing people with their tactless mouth, don’t they.


But despite all of these, thank you. Thank you because she has become stronger. When people doubted her she still remains positive, she never doubted herself and that's  very important. Because in this world, once you become an enemy with your own you, you lose your guard, you lose you. But her? No. She turnt your insults into stepping block towards her goals and she turnt your unhealthy judgements into a driving force to be a better, happy and contented person. Lastly, you made her realize that there are just people who have too much garbage in their hearts and couldnt help but whine and be bitter over someone's flaws while hiding theirs. She might not good at smt you are good at but at least she doesn't have so much junk in her heart. Or does she. Hahaha! Jk πŸ˜‰

P.s: So if anyone thinks she's referring to you in this post, all she can say is— "I don't know" or "Maybe". πŸ˜… Because she already forgot who they were tbh, but still remembers the feels tho. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

If you're still reading up to this line, PLEASE PLEASE comment below. ❤︎ And, thank you in advance. Sml!!! ❤︎ 

And oh! Be kind, it's free. 😊

Me ❤︎ 



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