Lolled In The Glow

Ber months have finally entered the year. Are you ready to hear Christmas songs anywhere? How about, seeing lanterns everywhere? Did some of the TV channels start their count down? Or did your mum start checking those Christmas lights if they’re still good? I know Christmas is still 3 months away but we feel so hyped already, aren’t we? Hahaha!

One of these days we’ll realize how fast 2017 reached ber months, how short a year could be and yet a lot of things have happened. I know when ber months started, people start to get busy with all the Christmas shopping, prepping and Christmas parties- everyone’s busy bees. As what they say, there's no "too early" when ber months came in. But let’s not forget that despite all the happenings, we should allow ourselves to just watch how the waves love the shore that no matter how it enjoys the beauty of the sea it goes back and kisses the shore, we should let ourselves enjoy the swaying trees, we should allow ourselves to smile of how breathtaking the view is- we should allow ourselves to be still.

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Before time brings me to the end of the year I want to take some time to flash things back before my eyes. The things that made me cry, laugh, kilig, pissed and the list goes on. I personally think that it is healthy to recheck how you did well in surpassing the year and congratulate yourself for being brave for not giving in. It is indeed really important to detach for quite some time and enjoy your own company.

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