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Right product at the right season. It’s been raining in the Phils. and I know people who make makeup as part of their routine are a bit pissed of how the weather these days ruin their makeup. I mean of course! You spend minutes or even hours just to do your makeup and it will just be ruined by the rain? Hahaha. But guess what? Our favorite, Althea Korea came up with something that will surely save you from the rain these days- The Beauty Lifeguard box.

I was planning to try this when we go to the beach but Cebu has been covered with rain for the past few days and going to the beach without Mr. Sun isn’t a good idea for me but the drizzles of the rain are at least a good for me to test how water proof are these makeups. Also, I tried splashing my face with water just to make sure that these make-ups wont mess up on our faces when we’re out there enjoying the day with your friends at the beach or in the swimming pool. ☺

Personally, before I put anything on my face I never ever skip my skin care which just consists of facial wash, alcohol-free toner and water-based moisturizer from Celeteque. Now let’s know more what’s inside this Althea Beauty on Lifeguard box.

BCDation Waterproof Cusion


○ SPF 50+ PA ++++
○ Soft Matte Texture
○ Long-lasting
○ It has sebum controlling powder to keep you oil-free
○ Waterproof Effect
○ Shade: Warm Beige

It stays all day and never gets cakey when it gets wet. I love that it has a moderate coverage that adheres to the skin all day. This is good for a no-makeup kind of look, which I personally like. Not too heavy, not too light. ☺

• • •

Expert Color Primer For Eyes (Serenity)

○ Expert Eye Primer
○ Long-lasting With Stay Fix System
○ No need to re-apply eyeshadow or pressure

I’m not into eyeshadow not unless if I’m require to wear one like on events or occasions. But since I’m that kind of person who loves a one time application of make-up and never a fan of re-touching, this product is good, when I splash my face with water and pat it lightly the eyeshadow is still there.

• • •

Barbie Make Mascara

○ fresh eye look
○ No clumps or smudge
○ Strong curling fix with soft wax
○ Perfect volume and longer lashes

Let’s talk about waterproof mascara that gives your lashes a volumized and elongated look! This Milky Dress is the bomb! Get wet because of rain, or have fun swimming at the beach or at the swimming pool this mascara will stay and will never smudge! If you want to have a very gorgeous lashes while having any water activities this mascara is perfect!

• • •

Lip Tatoo Tint Pack

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(↑ After peeling off.)

○ Smudge proof
○ Kiss proof
○ Water proof

Good for:
○ Pale lips
○ Lips that need a moisture boost

I really find it annoying when you’re attending an event or you’re on a certain occasion and you need to go the loo every time and then to re-apply your lipstick. Guys, this lip tattoo is all you need. It would last the whole day without any smudge or without any lip stain on your glasses when you drink. P.S If you want redder lips, you can increase the amount of tint.

• • •

H O L I K A   H O L I K A
Face Conditioner Long-Lasting Makeup Fixer

○ Sets makeup in place with a long-wearing formula, and can be used as both of priming spray and setting one.
○ Set your skin and keep your skin moisturized without worrying about smudging throughout the day.
○ Contains western rose water, crown sap, birch sap, lotus extract and lemon extract to moisturize the skin, leaving it in a dewy glow.

I always love when my make up looks dewy coz it looks natural. And this makeup fixer does that. This also makes your make-up stay and look fresh as this moisturizes your skin too.

• • •


1. TONY MOLY BCDation Waterproof Cusion
2. VDL Expert Color Primer For Eyes (Serenity)
3. MILKY DRESS Barbie Make Mascara
4. WANGSKIN Lip Tatoo Tint Pack
5. HOLIKA HOLIKA Face Conditioner Long-Lasting Makeup Fixer

Who would ever thought? Lifeguards could be makeups too. ;)
Cheers Althea Korea. ☺

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