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It’s funny how a certain style is ugly until it’s trending. Most people are afraid to create their own style or create their own thing becau...

It’s funny how a certain style is ugly until it’s trending. Most people are afraid to create their own style or create their own thing because of the fear of being called “different”, “weird” or whatnots. Being different is never ugly or weird or etc.. Being different is brave, it is doing what you like and makes you happy, being different is not giving a damn on what the other people say, being different is beautiful and sexy, being different is being you because at the end of the day what matters most is you, not other people’s judgement.
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We sometimes feel that we have to please the people around us when in reality we do not have to delight anyone. We always worry about what other people might say about us or think about us. We are becoming tight to ourselves because we are scared to be judged- well I mean who's not? But people will judge you anyway whether you do bad or good things so better stay true to yourself. As long as you don’t harm anyone then you’re good. If you feel like pulling off a bizarre style in fashion, hair style, activities or whatnots, do it. Let them think what they want to think, don’t let those judging eyes defeat you. Just do what makes you happy because this day only happens once so make it count. ☺
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Stand out. Sometimes that’s better than to blend in. ☺

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  1. Words!!

    According to Rihanna, people are gonna talk whether you're doing bad or good. Might as well just live your best life.

    Love your outfit, Claire!

  2. Yes!!! trueeee! ☺☺ Thank you, TiesΓ©. ♥

  3. Such an inspiring post! Love the outfit by the way!

  4. Awwwe. Thank you, Marioness. ♥ Thanks for stopping by. ☺

  5. I agree babe! Those skinny jeans are considered nerdy and not fashionable back in the days according to my mom. And now everyone's wearing it cuz they're the trend now lol

  6. Haha see!! People should have the courage to you know where anything or do anything w/o minding ppl’s judgement. As long as theyre not doing anything bad right?? 😊😊

  7. Love those shorts (: you look fabulous!

  8. Awwwe, thank you!!! πŸ’–πŸ’–

  9. I agree!! People would laugh at you for being so different tapos kapag uso na, sila 'tong nangungunang makikisabay sa trend. Kakaloka!

  10. Ay agree ako jan! Hahaha! Tapos pipintasan ka pa. πŸ˜” Pero sige basta happy ka eh, ano naman diba? Hehe πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚

  11. Love this post !! And your hair is incredible ! Xx

  12. Awwe, thank you so much Phoebe! ♥

  13. Very true words! Love your photos btw! πŸ’•

  14. Awwwe ☺️ Appreciate that hihi. Thank you a bunch, Kelsey!! 😍