Time Out

I have said this before and I’ll say it again, weather in Cebu has been unpredictable these past few days. So wearing whatever is okay coz it might rain in the morning but mind you it changes from 0 to 100 in the afternoon. Wearing thick clothing or pullover in the morning to keep you warm wont work well in the afternoon as most likely Mr. Sunshine will show up and flaunt what it got, and sometimes it happens vice versa. So I’d prefer to be on the safe side, to wear not too much and not too less.

That made me grab a romper out of my closet as I always opt to go with rompers if I don’t know what to wear on a weekend and on an unpredictable weather. I love how light a romper is to be honest, I like how you can just put it on for like a minute or two then you’re done. BUT wearing a romper is not all about the pros coz I seriously feel so naked in a public comfort room taking it all down just to pee. Hahaha! Girls, y’all feel me? Hahaha. :D

Many thanks to Classy Wanderer for my top.
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 (P.s : Sorry for the low qual photos I wasnt able to modify my camera settings before letting my friend take pictures of me.)


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