What's In My Tote

We have different things inside our bags and sometimes I randomly wonder what are the things inside other bags too. Hehe. So that gave me the idea of having an updated “What’s In My Bag” post as the things in my bag have already changed from the last time I did the same post I think 2 years ago. Hehe

My pouch
I need to bring this all the time especially Monday – Friday because I’m always in a rush, I usually wake up late for work so after taking a bath I dress up and do the rest in the office. Haha! And all the things that I need are inside this clutch- my lotion, lip balm, hand sanitizer, hair serum, comb, powder, face moisturizer.
Mobile Phone
Your bag is incomplete without your best bud. Hehe My phone really saves me from some awkward situations. Hahaha
Phone Charger
You don’t want you phone’s battery to die, do you? :)
Stuck in traffic? Bored? Waiting game? No problem! Music always saves you from anything, I mean let’s admit it sometimes our day isn’t as good as yesterday or the other day and sometimes a music can somehow feel us better.

Processed with VSCO with j2 presetCompany ID
A working girl should always have her company ID with her. Hehe
I am so indecisive when it comes to wallets, I have that long wallet you know most of the girls these days have but it wont fit in when I’m planning to use a small bag so I prefer this small purse.

My planner / journal
I know I have my phone but I still find it really effcient when you have your plans and to-dos written down. Hehe 

So there! Just the basics I guess, nothing special haha but I need everything inside my tote bag.  If you’ve read up to here thank you so much! ♥ Please do post a “What’s In My Bag” too and comment below, I’d love to know and read. ♥

Many thanks to Classy Wanderer for my very cute tote bag and clutch. ♥
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