Food Republic : Photo Dump

Last November 1, we were craving for unli chicken so we went to Food Republic without properlychecking if it was open since it was holiday last Wednesday. When we saw the "Always Open" tag on their facebok we didn’t mind further checking it and went right away to Food Republic after our shifts. But to our dismay hahahahah yes they were closed and when we rechecked their facebook page they uploaded a photo saying they’re close on November 1st. Hahaha. This is what we get for being too excited. BUT. Scam no more because we finally had our unli chicken, fries and rice. Wuhoooo hahahah! Now I just got home and contemplating how much did I eat that I feel like vomiting now. Haha 🤮 But anyway this post is a photo dump of our patay gutom moments. Hahaha! Enjoy (or not)! 😂✌🏻

img_3449-1Photos arent filtered just used Huji Cam app. 😊