BUB 101: Products I Use To Lessen Dark Marks Due To Insect Bites

Let's admit it. Us moms stress so much over a single insect bite on our baby's skin how much more when that bite left a dark mark.

Moms are aware that our baby's skin will still change over time. And yes we shouldn't stress over some dark marks BUT no we still do stress or even annoy ourselves about it. Haha

So here are the products I use that effectively lessen Eminisce's dark marks due to insect bites.

Tiny Buds Rice Baby Bath
Always make sure you wash your baby's skin with gentle & non-drying body wash. What's also nice about this product is its less and natural ingredients.

Johnson's Milk + Rice Lotion
Always. Always moisturize your baby's skin as they lose skin moisture more than adults do. No wonder why this brand is the go-to baby brand of most Filipinos. I was searching one day about lotion that could atleast lessen dark marks on baby's skin and I've found this forum where they talk about it and almost all of the responses point out to this product. I gave it a try and yes it did lessen the dark marks on Eminisce's skin.

I hope the products above will work ony your baby's skin. ・◡・ If you have suggestion / reco, just comment down below. Let's talk. ・◡・