When they say skincare is life no matter how cliche it sounds I couldn't help but agree.

I've been into multiple skincare routines from trying what suits me and what not. From all the products that have been advertised and claiming to give you these and that, I found myself obsessing over Korean Beauty Products. The major plus for me is the ingredients they used. Usually they include botanical extracts that gives the deserved TLC of our skin. Not to mention, I love how important to them not putting alcohol on their products..well mostly.

My skin type is usually normal, sometimes dry but always oily on the T-zone. That leads me to my disclaimer— these products work for me. You may try these products yourself but I cannot guarantee it'll work for you too. ・◡・ 
I scrub my lips thrice a week.
I apply sunscreen daily  during day time whether I’m just at home or I’m out.
I apply face mask during night time thrice a week.

So there. ・◡・ Nothing extraordinary, to be honest. But those products above lessen my blackheads and shrink my pores. Those products also make my skin smooth & plum.

(For any question / reco feel free to comment below. ☺︎)