Photobook Ph

From marriage to giving birth to Eminisce's monthsaries to Eminisce's 1st birthday. Can you imagine how many photooooooooooooooooossszzzss I was, am & still sorting out? There are tons of them!!!
Thank goodness how digital innovation makes our lives easier sorting out photos, sending them in & out and organizing them. But still, we know at the back of our minds we still need a hard copy of our photos & place them in a photo album. Having the photos hard copied isn't the problem, the problem is the cost, the quality and the hassle. Having your photos developed in its best quality is pricey, but having your photos developed in cheaper prices jeopardizes quality. Plus isnt it a hassle putting everything in the photo album then eventually loses some photos because the photo album is already worn out?
This is why I opted for Photobook Ph. It is budget friendly, has superb quality and hassle free. It’s pretty straight forward too. ・◡・
1. Go to / Open the app
2. Choose your style and photobook size
3. Upload your photos
4. Drag & drop your photos (but in the site you can automatically fill the spaces in with your photos. Literally just a click away)
5. Choose preferred photo paper
6. Checkout & Pay
7. Waiting game

For more info visit Photobook Ph and/or download their app— Photobook :)