Dimsum Break

I love that some of my fave restaurants are slowly coming in the province. And the reason why I started loving dimsum is finally in Bohol— Dimsum Break.
Dimsum lovers, no need to be stuck at craving stage just because we’re craving for something we don’t have nor, can’t eat because we can’t afford. Time to perk up! Dimsum Break has finally opened in Bohol!!!!! Quality = affordability is the main reason why Dimsum Break made it to my most favorite Dimsum resto.
My go-to order if I’m craving for dimsum without breaking my budget is their oriental value meals!! Cmon it’s like getting all you want in one plate on a very affordable price. Even students can afford! Yay!

Dimsum Break Bohol is located at Alta Cita 2nd floor.
Store hours:

Get your dimsum fix!