Hygiene Stuff You Didn’t Know You Need

Proper hygiene is everything guys. You shouldn’t settle for being just pretty or handsome physically but you should maintain proper hygiene because that’s what & where being beautiful begins.

We all have that basic hygiene stuff, but I just thought maybe I’d share some items that aren’t common (maybe) but deffo a must-have, well my must-have also when it comes to hygiene.

Guys, chapped & dry lips is annoying. Ok? Exfoliate your lips, as this is the front liner of your mouth.
I love Human Nature Lip Scrub.
Can be bought at any mall dept stores

Let’s admit it. Almost of our time nowadays are spent using  our gadgets. I’m no professional when it comes to this but did you notice how your eyes react to long exposure on gadgets? It gets itchy sometimes even sore. Tendency we rub our eyes to ease the pain and/or itchiness and that will eventually result to having early wrinkles and dark eye areas. Remember our eye area is delicate. Guys, our eyes get dry also, so hydrate your eyes guys. Use eye drops. 
Brand I used: Visine
Available at any pharmacy

Ha! This is a super must have in everyone’s bag/pouch/purse especially when we’re out. Self explainatory. You don’t want someone’s covering their nose infront of you just bec you have bad breath.
Brand I used: Fresh
Bought it at Watsons

Have you tried eating at a bbq place? How about pizza parlor? Or shawarma? Hahaha then suddenly once you get out of those restaurants you, esp your hair smells like food? Guys, Im doing you a favor, this deffo helps your smelly hair. You’re welcome. ◡̈ 
Brand is Vitress

We all get dry hands from time to time even smelly hands. Since alcohol is one of the basic hygiene stuff, guys hand cream is something you should also have. You can’t be pretty with a dry & smelly hands girl. Yikes. Hehe
My handcream is gifted but you can use any hand cream of your choice.

The last but deffo not the least because this is my fave. Hehe feminine mist!! Girls!!! Eyes here. Go to watsons and buy this stuff this helps you feel fresh, this avoids our ❀ to be smelly down there and it has antibacterial properties. This will be your fave also esp on red days. Ugh 🙄 hahahhaa
The only brand I used and so far so good is Beauty Library. I love the color pink ♡ 

If you also have some hygiene stuff that some people don’t usually have, comment down below! ;)

Thanks for reading up to here. ♡