I cannot stress how much I love this Careline multipot,  it’s been 2 ish months since I brought this sweetie home but I’m still amazed. 

If you’re like me who doesn’t have time for makeup, and just love giving your lips a nice touch of red and your cheeks a nice flush, well I bet you this Careline Multipot will be your hg!!

Okay let’s get this straight. The things I love:
✔︎ very easy to apply
✔︎ it looks like just my normal lip color
✔︎ I love its velvety/powdery finish ♡ 
✔︎ lightweight
✔︎ non-drying
✔︎ I love how it still leaves a slight tint of red after the product was erased
✔︎ I love how the scent is very very mild
✔︎ 3-in-1 this is for cheeks, lips & eyes. I usually use this for lips and sometimes cheeks
✔︎ very pigmented
✔︎ ofcourse it’s cheap!! P165
✔︎ accessible— watsons, dept stores
✔︎ I love HEAD OVER HEELS shade. ♡♡♡ 

First swatch was when I tried to wipe it out once.
Second swatch was the full swatch without wiping it out.
For me, Head Over Heels shade looked like a roasted red.
So loooooove this product!! Comment below if you do too. ◡̈