Maybe Now Isn’t Your Time For Love Because Maybe, Now Is Just All About You‬

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‪We all walk this certain path, the path where everything is just all about us. The path where your hero is you and you have to be your own safe haven.‬

This is where you will fully understand that people come and go, some may stay a little longer and may even leave bits and pieces of lessons and memories, but still, they will eventually walk out of your door. Everytime this will happen, it will add strength and growth in your bucket, and will assure you, that despite the people who came and left, you are still okay, you will be okay.‬

‪This is the path where you will realize that people leaving doesn’t always mean losing people in your life. In fact, it even means gaining. As they leave, they’re freeing up space in your life for you to have a bigger workspace to work on your self-made scratches and dents caused by the passer-bys. And by that, you are healing, mending and growing.‬

‪This path is all about taking it slowly but surely, where your heart is at its calmest state because you’re not rushing it— you’re not rushing it to love, to mend, to heal. You’re giving it all the time it needs. Because after all, time heals and we all heal in time.‬

‪This is the path where your top most priority is self-love. This is where you will pick up your tired self from loving others too much, when you should be pouring out those to your self. This is where you will realize how selfish you were to your own self that you failed to give the love yourself deserves. Love— you owe this to yourself. Darling, learn to fill in your heart with so much love first before filling in other’s. Remember, you cannot give what you don’t have.‬

‪This is the path that everyone thanked for that they’ve passed by, because this leads to your grown self— independent, stronger & most especially, healed.‬