Sorry, But I’m Cutting You Off

Woah! Look what this quarantine made me do— evaluating my life, my decisions, the people that spark joy and that spark nothing but toxicity.

To begin with, I thank God how mental health is such a thing nowadays (well except to those people who make fun of it). It made me value my mental health morethan ever. I am already on that phase of my life where I guard my energy. If you’re not worth my energy or if your energy doesn’t meet mine then I’m cutting you off. You might find this rude or brutal but wait, hear me. 

I’m on my late 20s and I am not planning to spend the rest of my life faking, rolling my eyes and avoiding the things and people that I don’t feel happy with. I just cut them off. I’m not getting any younger to pacify the bad energy and vibes they give me. So if deactivating my socials would stop my anxiety from reading horrible news or from seeing their stupid posts then I’m doing it. Cutting off doesn’t mean acting like you don’t know them at all maybe just cutting off the connections. Number one is social media. Unfollow them or deactivate your socials. Deactivating might scare you but damn it does feel good.

At first, I was kind of not cool about this so I just brushed it off and just let it be. I absorbed all their bad energy until mine got depleted, then it left me with nothing but stress. And by that, I realized and accepted that you just don’t get along with everyone and everything. For instance, I might like you but if you talk crappy shit and whatnots then bye.

This isn’t just a one way thing, this goes both parties. If you find me toxic then do me a favor, cut me off. Because you know why? I don’t like you getting stressed over me and same goes with myself to you. Guys, once and for all, let’s give ourselves a favor.